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Life is weird but also people can be so nice.

You ever have one of those days where everything goes as wrong as it can? Today was one of those days. And it all started last night.

I've been giving up the coffee lately but that either leads me to doze off on the road to work or succumb to sour instant coffee. So last night I decided to treat myself to some well brewed coffee. So as it goes, I grind up the beans and set the coffee timer to start dripping at 6:15. A good way to start off the morning, fresh coffee. As I head downstairs in the morning to grab a cup of coffee and head out the door, no coffee is made. And I think I might have messed it up, pushed the wrong buttons. Nope, never reset the time for daylight savings. So, throw together a cup of horrible instant and head out the door.

Fun times for me, my car doesn't start. Nope. Definitely a battery problem. Definitely.
Upon realizing that I am not going to make it to work on time, I panic and call up Triple A to come to my rescue. My sister gave me a comforting hug before she left for work which was nice. Come 20 minutes and the Triple A guy comes and helps me out, tightens up some bolts and tells me that my battery is a-okay. He was wonderfully nice about it too and didn't try to get me to buy a new battery. Incredibly helpful and cheery on a cold morning. I wanted to give him a big hug but not wanting to overstep my boundaries, I thanked his about fifty times and headed off the work. Late of course.

It's on the road that I realize I had the most opportune time to switch my instant coffee or the good coffee but never did. But another hiccup that I can't do anything about anymore.

And so my day proceeds in the normal fashion it does at work. And then I start feeling really bad. Stomach is hurting and I'm getting dizzy and crampy and, well, you know how it goes. And if you don't, well, you don't have to. In short, I know I'm in need of some assistance and I tell my coworker and she's off to my rescue gathering up my essentials. So sweet of her. But the cramps don't subdue and I'm working at about a quarter speed. Something I can do in five minutes is taking twenty. I feel awful. But thank goodness lunch time comes and I'm out the door heading to my car to take a nice warm nap. During all this, my phone is at about 2% battery life and I find it to be an opportune moment to use my car charger. And so I do, set my alarm for an hour, and lull off to sleep away the pain. It helps, minus the excessive sweating from the sunlight. But at this point, I'm perfectly okay with that.

The hour passes and back to work I go. And of course, the last half of my day goes and it's subpar but ok. It's bearable now.
And it's time to go home. Thank goodness. I couldn't be happier. Rushing out the door, throwing all my papers into respective folders, and...something's missing.

Where are my car keys?

I run around like a headless chicken and finally run back upstairs and end up running into some coworkers on the way up. I quickly explain my predicament and they tell me to check my cubicle and that they'll be right there waiting for me in case. I check my cubicle and it's nowhere to be seen, so I proceed to sulk back outside.

My coworker sees me and follows me to my car where she finds my lovely set of keys sitting in the ignition. You know, because I was charging my phone. Dumb.

I reluctantly pull out my Triple A card and dial up the same number from this morning. She offers to stay with me and lets me sit in her car. My heart is in 80 different places trying to wrap my mind around the kindness of people.

We talk in her car while the car guy is on is way over. And half an hour passes. I'm shaky and ecstatic and every sort of confused and discombobulated. But Triple A comes to my rescue once again and I tell her I'm good now and thank her about a hundred times in the process.

What is it about Triple A and hiring the nicest guys to work for them? This guy was exceptionally nice and humorous. Really made me feel better about the whole thing. I tell him about my car battery this morning and he finds it just as amusing as I do. And he unlocks my car for me and saves me and, there's my keys. In the ignition. With the battery on.

Thank goodness I didn't need a jump start but the battery was definitely weaker. But he tells me my long drive home will be good for the battery. And he sends me on my way after I thank him about two hundred times for everything. He waves goodbye to me while we're both driving out the parking lot and I'm just so relieved and exhausted.

I'm just glad I have tomorrow off for much needed rest. I don't know, I guess I don't really think about it much but wow, really kind hearted nice people really exist and I don't know. Really lifts your heart up when you need it.